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Alnajm Hosting

Since 2018, we have been providing high-speed web hosting& quality, and we started hosting Wateen AlNajm clients websites only, and with all the experiments we have done, In Jan 2021 we decided to make Alnajm Hosting service available to everyone, not only to the clients of Wateen AlNajm, which we are one of its companies.

Our History

We develop our team’s skills every day to serve you with the best technology solutions.


We Dream.

In 2017, Fatema AlNajm - the founder and CEO - makes a plan for Wateen AlNajm company, where the most important aspect of the company is the technology sector, especially hosting, but at that time Fatema was hesitant and did not know the correct way to reach this goal.


We Do.

In 2018, the way became clearer for Fatema, and she began trying several ways to provide the best quality possible until she was able to do so in the last quarter of 2018.


We Choose.

After the goal was reached, Fatema certainly did not stop here. She decided that the hosting is only for her company clients.


We Developing

The success of our hosting of Wateen Alnajm customers continued, but in 2020 Fatema decided that in 2021 this service will be for everyone, not just for her customers, and this is exactly what happened, you are now on our site and this confirms our success in providing our services to everyone.

Vision& Mission& Goals


We provide digital businesses with all the technology solutions they need.


We care about the quality of your web.

1/2 Million Websites

One of our goals for 2021:
Half of 1 million websites.

Alnajm Hosting Team

Fatema Alnajm

Founder / CEO

From the Sultanate of Oman, she started e-commerce in 2016 when she was 19 years old.
Read more on her website: www.fatemaalnajm.com

Alnajm Hosting

Our Team

Our team is from all over the world, we work online to support you 24/7.